Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is your Goal

Bhagavat Gita says  "The Journey is your goal"
That is Life you live or the Journey is your goal. There is nothing beyond it. No Heaven, No Hell. The Hell and Heaven are right here. So Concentrate on what you do. How you live. On being inspired by this motto. I am writing this article on Achieving things in life.

a)Your response to life
There are two types of Approach
2.Away From
The former involves moving towards a desired place, so positive.
The latter involves desperate attempts to distance oneself from or get away from. So negative
The towards approach lasts longer and is empowering since you are concentrating on what you want, not what you don't want. This step is fundamental to what kind of life you lead.  If you have towards approach then you are a Active person. Setting goals and achieving them. If you are Away from person, you are reactive and reacts to the situation you are in. You are always running away from the  situation that you are in.  Well nobody can be purely Towards or Purely Away from persons. But if  you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

b)Aware of your Wants
You should know what you want. Then it becomes easier to work towards it. This Want is exact opposite of what you don't want. Be positive and declare what you want, rather than what you don't want. So once you know what you want. The job is half done. You also in this way tap into your unique person. Something others are not aware of , so most advice given by them will not work.

c)Sub Goals
You should have series of Sub goals.Which is necessary for you to keep track of progress towards goal. Whatever task is given divide into a series of sub goals. And see to it that the sub-goals help in progressing towards the goal. It is like the old story of breaking the Bundle of Logs. If you take them one by you can easily break the whole bundle in no time.

d)Focus on progress
Always fight towards progress. Don't get disheartened , Don't get Disturbed. Like Shark going towards the prey cling to it. Don't leave until you get prey. Like the Shark attacking the distance between the prey and itself and gradually reducing the distance. You should focus on moving towards to the goal, however insignificant the progress is. Sometimes you may feel, you are galloping towards the goal, sometimes you may feel you are not moving at all. The trick is taking those tiny improvements towards the goal. Avoid actions which do not help in progress.

e)Get Started
You can think all you want about achieving goals, you can plan sub goals. But nothing happens until you start. You can monitor your progress only if you start. So Start running.