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Monday, August 20, 2012

Rasa Theory and life

"na hi RASAdrite kaschidarthah pravartate"

Bharata Muni very emphatically states in the Rasadhyaya of Natyashastra that
 "no meaningful idea is conveyed if the "Rasa" is not evoked."

There were eight Rasa's at that time.

Sringaram-  Love, Attractiveness. Presiding deity: Vishnu. Colour: light green.
Hasyam- Laughter, Mirth, Comedy. Presiding deity: Pramata. Colour: white.
Rudram- Fury. Presiding deity: Rudra. Colour: red.
Karunayam- Compassion, Tragedy. Presiding deity: Yama. Colour: grey.
Bibhatsam - Disgust, Aversion. Presiding deity: Shiva. Colour: blue
Bhayanakam- Horror, Terror. Presiding deity: Kala. Colour: black
Viram- Heroic mood. Presiding deity: Indra. Colour: yellowish
Adbhutam- Wonder, Amazement. Presiding deity: Brahma. Colour: yellow

Abhinavagupta suggested a ninth rasa when only eight were accepted and it had to undergo a good deal of struggle, before it could be accepted by the majority of the Alankarikas, and the expression Navarasa (the nine rasas), could come into vogue.

Shantam- Peace or tranquility. deity: Vishnu. Colour: blue

In addition to the nine Rasas, two more appeared later (esp. in literature):
Additional rasas:

Vatsalya- Parental Love
Bhakti- Spiritual Devotion

However, the presiding deities, the colours and the relationship between these additional rasas have not been specified.

Rasa Imbalance
On seeing these Rasa's one can experience a few and not some of them. But to be a proper individual , you have to experience, feel and be able to display all the Rasa's(Emotions). Otherwise you are a deficient individual. Any behaviour or Emotional state towards or aginst a rasa or some of the rasa creates a imbalance. When we are born, we are not biased towards or against any Rasa's. But our external condition and internal responses creates these imbalances. To remove imbalances, we should become aware of all the rasa in us(All Rasa's exist in everyone of us). In our lives, all these Rasa's will arise. The Intelligence is not blocking or avoiding or overplaying any rasa but handling them in a wise manner. Your response is the key.

Positive and Negative Rasas
There are positive and negative rasas according to us. One which bring happiness is Positive and one which bring sorrow is negative. But actual truth is there is no positive or negative rasa. Some positive rasa(according to you) can become negative rasa. At first glance shringara rasa can be really positive one. But if one overindulges in that, it becomes negative rasa as it ruins life. So we have to treat each rasa without bias that is without fear or favour. So attachment to any Rasa or opposite is not healthy. The Intelligence is to concentrate on Karma (Action) not on the Rasa(Emotion), eventhough being aware of Rasa.

Awareness of Rasa
Being aware of the Rasa's is key to success. When we are aware of the Rasa, we know what we are feeling. So we don't have to take automatic programmed route that Rasa directs. We are programmed to respond to a rasa in a particular way through our evolution from childhood. When we are aware of the Rasa, then we can respond in correct way, then respond in a programmed way.

Ride the Rasa
Think rasa as wave that comes. You can use the rasa to ride to someplace or get toppled by it. This of course requires lot of intelligence , skill and tact. But practice makes perfect. Using Rasa's to your advantage is the best way to build your life. Because Rasa are like life or life's energy. See and interpret how to deal with rasa's.

All the Rasa make our head pain. So instead withdraw from all the emotions and observe. Become a audience to your Rasa's. So you can see how they play out. You can see how the rasa comes and how you respond. So next time you know what to do and when to do.

Think like a Dancer
As a dancer you should be able to display all your Rasa(Dificient in one rasa makes you imperfect). Displaying the Rasa is not the key, conveying a particular thought process is the key. Story the dancer conveys is the key. For conveying the story the dancer uses Rasa. Similarly in life you should use rasa to meet a particular end, not get used by the rasa. Good luck