Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to Avoid Heart Burn

This is an article based on  experiences around me  then any great amount of research on the topic in a academic way.

Steps to combat Heart Burn

1. Eat Early 
Eat Early , and give sufficient time before you go to bed. Heartburn  is easier to manage when you are awake and sitting then when you are half asleep. This technique also saves next day from ruin  as you sleep well and you sleep well to wake up fresh.

2, Avoid Milk before Bed
Milk is not ideal before going to bed. Many health mandarins will say a warm glass of milk enhances your night sleep. My experiences will Heartburn is milk is composed of  lot of fat and many substances which takes  a long time to digest. So your digestive system does is very active. So avoid milk or any fatty intake before bed.

3. Avoid Oily Foods
Avoid oily substance like poison especially in the evening times. The oily food is digested over a period of long time, which means your heartburn can hit you any time with oily food. Oily substances are not water solvable, so the body secretes a substance to bind and is absorbed directly to blood stream , a complex process so easily can cause problems.

4. No Fruits before Bed
Why avoid fruits,  they are supposed to be help in digestion. Yes the fruits helps in digestion, but they also produce lot of gases which create their own problems. Especially the acidic ones like lemon , orange, tomato etc.

5. Exercise , Go for a walk
Going to a walk or exercise helps in better digestion, but this should be done before you eat. The evening walk definitely helps.

6. Avoid water
Avoid water particularly more than a glass just before or after dinner. Your Stomach miscalculates the amount of gastric juice needed to digest and misfires. The result is heartburn. Leave at least two to three hours to elapse before drinking large quantity of water.

7. Avoid Caffeine
Avoid coffee , Tea , Cola in the evening times. Coffee and tea makes you thirsty and also sometimes upsets stomach. So avoid  after four of clock in the evening , better restrict your intake to two cups a day.

8. Large meal
Avoid large meal at night , it makes the stomach to work hard and long. Have the Full meal in the morning or evening when you need the most. Follow the popular adage, Eat like a king in the morning, Pauper in the afternoon and like a beggar in the evening.

9.Count your bites
Most of the heartburn is caused by eating fast or not eating properly. You have to chew the meal slowly , so that the stomach has the work easy. Swallowing large pieces of food makes the stomach miscalculate the amount of gastric juices to be secreted and hence heartburn

10.Reduce weight
Keep the body weight to optimum

11.Avoid Sugar
Avoid all types of sugar items like candy, chewing gums to sweets , chocolates,desserts.

12. Consult a doctor
you may have GERD, You can treat GERD  if found early.