Monday, July 13, 2009

From a Beginner to Expert

Your desire to become an expert at something could mean that you already have a goal in mind. You are now looking to find effective ways to become excellent at it. It can vary from knowing how to feel good instantly or to become skilled and competent at handling things or people.
Here are a few tips on becoming an expert.

Set your goal
It all begins with a decision. Once you have set your goal, you will draw yourself to get the information, learn the skills and find the answers.

Study thoroughly.
The next thing to do to is to study it. To become great at something you need to gain more knowledge on the particular subject. The knowledge and information will lead you to an understanding. The understanding will lead you to take actions. You can learn from books or audio programs or get a coach or mentor.

Plan your strategy.
Write down your step by step plan and the options to achieve your goal. Planning your action steps gets you prepared and will increase your chances of succeeding.

Perform diligently.
Once you have acquired the knowledge, practice it diligently. Repeat it over and over again. Discipline yourself to allocate time each day to practice the skill until you become good and get it right.

Strengthen it by visualizing.
can increase your ability to become superb by visualizing or creating the mental pictures in your mind. You practice on the inside before you do it on the outside. Your performance will improve with mental practice.

The Silva Method is a great tool to learn how to use your creative imagination.

Add positive emotions.
Your emotions will affect your learning, thoughts and your actions. Your ability to create, manage and control your emotions will avoid you from getting lost and frustrated when progress is slow.

Ask for help and accept feedback.
Ask yourself and ask others. Think through and evaluate how you have been thinking, learning and doing things. Ask others the same questions. Mistakes and failures are feedbacks. Getting feedbacks allow you to move ahead or change your direction. Keep an open mind.

Choose your environment.
Go to places and surround yourself with people where you will gain benefits and challenge your abilities. When you associate with people who are action and success oriented, you will tend to become like them. A positive environment will change the way you work, think and interact with others.

Commitment is essential.
To become an expert at something, you need to commit yourself to see it through. Write down your needs and intentions on paper. Expect the best from yourself. Put maximum attention and tolerate temporary discomforts that come with doing something new or repeating things.

Don't give up when you are tired or frustrated. Rest and give yourself time to evaluate and then try new things. Affirm to yourself with positive winning thoughts, words and pictures to bring back the drive and override the negativity. Recall successful attempts and dwell upon them. When you start to doubt yourself and fear creeps in, fight your resistance by bringing forth your desire.

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