Sunday, October 14, 2007

Personal Effectiveness Skills

Communicate effectively
Ability to write
Ability to express thoughts clearly
Ability to relate with co-workers, supervisor(s)
Ability to provide excellent customer service
Ability to listening
Ability to speak in public
Ability to make an oral presentation
Ability to write a report or critical summary
Ability to learn and use the terminology of the industry/organization

Work and lead groups
Ability to ask questions
Ability to learn and understanding work culture
Ability to delegate authority if necessary
Ability to take the lead on issues or projects
Ability to work with others on a common project or issue
Ability to maintain self-control
Ability to respect diversity
Ability to be tactful and diplomatic in difficulty situations
Ability to keep information confidential
Ability to be flexible and adaptable when working with others
Ability to use mature, sound judgement when addressing issues
Ability to be dependable and reliable
Ability to understand and practice good business etiquette

Problem-solve with innovation
Ability to think creatively
Ability to analysis critically
Ability to identify problems
Ability to solve problems
Ability to research using a variety of resources
Ability to initiate and complete projects
Ability to analysis quantitatively

Be proficient with technology

Collect and organize information
Understand uses of software/hardware
Adapt to new hardware and/or software
Teach others to use hardware/software
Learn new hardware/software
Enhance or improve currently used software programs
Create or develop databases, webpages, etc.

Entrepreneurial drive
Take initiative
Be curious
Suggest ideas
Work independently
Be dependable
Be responsible
Practice good time management
Effectively prioritize tasks
Be self-motivated

Integrity and personal responsibility

Practice good business etiquette skills
Respect diversity
Practice confidentiality
Maintain self-control
Accept constructive criticism
Use good judgement based on facts
Utilize conflict management skills